Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Stryker ESV

This was the second assignment due for our Hard Surface and Organic Modelling class. We were given the option to make a spaceship or a vehicle, I chose to model the Stryker ESV, a military vehicle. I used a crap load of references from Google. I also feel like the texturing turned out better than that of the M1A1 tank I modeled.


This model I made shortly after I finished the Velociraptor model, I guess I felt like I some had momentum lol. This was also one of my first completed organic models in 3ds max. I believe this was the dinosaur project tutorial from 3D World magazine. Another model just waiting to be sculpted in Zbrush. I chose this because it's an interesting design. You don't see many T-rex's (I assume this is a T-rex) with horns. It offers a lot of inspiration for me to design, model, and eventually sculpt my own dinosaur.

References used:


This was an interesting challenge for me, as it was my first ever model I made using Maya. After using the software I really loved it, although there are some old 3ds max habits that are very hard to break. I will continue to learn Maya beyond modelling. This was not a school project, but something I did over the Christmas break. I followed a tutorial from Digital Tutors, those guys are the best! I can't wait to learn Zbrush so I can sculpt this guy.

US Capitol Hill

Ahh the United States Capitol Hill building. To some, it is the home of the do nothing congress. I did this for a class homework for a class called Hard Surface and Organic modelling in the first week. Clearly this is far from accurate, I did what I could in the 5 days I had. Of course I went slightly overboard. We were to use primitive objects in 3ds max.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Gigacon 2012

At the Art Institutes of Washington we have an annual convention called Gigacon. I was tasked with modelling two of our professors. Department chair Brian Tillman, and professor Elvin Hernandez.

Elvin Hernandez bot:

Brian Tillman bot:

We passed on our models to riggers and animators, the animation turned out ok, each of us being proud of what we accomplished.