Monday, November 14, 2011

24 Hour Challenge

This is a quarterly challenge held at my school where the challenge varies from you area of study. As a 3d artist the challenge was to create 6 models in 24 hours. The theme for this quarters challenge was steam punk.

My first model was a steam punk house:

Second model was a  car:

Next up, a steam punk nerf gun. This will definitely be textured:

A steam punk phone, I used an 1892 Ericcson phone as refrence for this:

Fifth model was a pirate ship, I must say I underestimated this. I ended up spending the majority of the 24 hours on this sucker:

Finally, a steam punk watch:

Monday, October 31, 2011

M1A1 Tank

This project was done for my game modeling and animation class at school. our task was to model any vehicle of our choice, and since I have modeled cars in the past I decided to model something different. The model has 1318 polygons, or 2962 triangles. We were given about 2 weeks to finish this project. Overall I'm pleased with the way this project turned out, except the textures which I feel is a little weak.


Occlusion render:

Blades of Exile

UPDATE 11/18/2011 
Model is getting ready to be textured. A friend of mine will give me a crash course in zbrush.

UPDATE 11/3/201
A little more progress, i started work on the creatures face that sits atop the blade.

 This is a personal project of mine for a monthly 3D modeling contest. The contest requires us to model any item in the inventory of our favorite video game.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Legends Car Racing Mod

UPDATE 10/30/2011
More screenshots. This mod is STILL far from complete, please be very patient.

 UPDATE 10/26/2011First in game screenshots of one of the cars in game. This mod is STILL in it's infancy, things are indeed subject to change:

UPDATE 10/21/2011
All models have been sent to the modder, Ian. I am currently waiting on whatever progress he has made.

 UPDATE 10/4/2011
All models are now complete, including the 1937 Ford sedan. At this point all I can do is send the models to the modder, Ian. He has informed me he is simultaneously working on other projects, and that the mod process might take some time. Here are the final models:

From left to right in the 3rd image above:
1934 Chevy Coupe (1934 Ford coupe is very identical)
1934 Ford sedan
1937 Chevy sedan
1937 Ford sedan

Stay tuned for more updates!

UPDATE 9/30/2011
Upon completing the 1934 Chevy coupe legends car model, I decided to model the other cars in the 600racing legends car series.

***NOTE: the 1934 Ford coupe looks identical to the 1934 chevy coupe, so I did not model that.***

First up is the 1934 Ford sedan:

And then the 1937 Chevy Sedan:

And finally the 1937 Ford Sedan

The 1937 Ford Sedan is still incomplete, final update coming soon.

UPDATE 9/29/2011

Model is nearly complete, awaiting a final review from the Modder Ian S. I'm glad I was able to keep the polycount under 2000, which is vital in preventing the game from crashing.

The goal of this project is to create a racing mod for the a racing simulation called NASCAR racing 2003 Season. This game is still being raced today many many fans. I've always wanted to create a mod for it, but beyond the 3D modeling process it begins to get very complicated. Fortunately I have found someone who is willing to take this beyond the modeling process. This is the first car in the series, the 1934 Chevy coupe.

Model is still incomplete

As I said this model is incomplete. There is a catch however, the entire model must be under 2000 polygons.