Wednesday, March 28, 2012

aucasaurus garridoi

I really love dinosaurs, and I decided to yet again model another one, the aucasaurus garridoi. This will be lined up with the other dinosaurs awaiting digital sculpting. This was done after the winter quarter at school for a personal project. I am really impressed with the way this turned out, took me a few days to complete.

With dinosaurs I always start with a 12 sided cylinder:

References used:

Saturday, March 24, 2012

doriner d1

This was a class project in school I did a while back, just forgot to post it on here. My teacher is fascinated with planes, especially old school planes. He made us model a doriner d1, a WWII plane. This was not intended to be a video game asset, matter of fact everything we created in the the class wasn't meant to be.


This was another out of class project I did after the winter 2012 quarter at school. I decided to pick up on mudbox, and so far it went well. I followed the Introduction to mudbox 2012 tutorial by digital tutors. (those guys are the awesome) Took me about 4 days or so, I'm really glad with the way it turned out. I've always feared digital sculpting, partly because of the UI of some of the software out there. I was provided with a base dragonfly mesh to start off with, and just took it from there. I decided not to strictly follow the design of the instructors sculpting outcome.

Starting point:

Level 0 mesh with paint:
Final render:

einiosaurus procurvicornis

Dinosaurs, I love them. I decided to create another dinosaur. This was not for a class project, but rather a personal project. I intend to take this into mudbox and sculpt and paint this guy.

References used:
And many more!

First human body!

This was the final project of our hard surface and organic modeling class. We were tasked with modeling a human head, and extra credit was given to students who modeled the ear, and the entire body.I was very anxious to get this done, because I had never completed a human model before, yet this was exciting and I'm glad with how it turned out.

First attempt: (just terrible)

Second attempt:

These drawings were done by someone called LostonWallace on Deviantart. I wasn't too happy with this attempt, so I decided to start over with another model.

Final attempt:
I combined to different tutorial links provided by my professor. I used a joan of arc tutorial on 3dm3 for the head, and then for the body i used some secondreality tutorials.