Friday, April 13, 2012

Gears of war Corpser

Gears of War, an EPIC 3rd person action game. Not so iron is the fact the the game was developed by a studio called Epic games. I did this during the first week of the start of the spring quarter when homework from classes is still fairly low. As I am just now learning sculpture I figured I'd go with an all organic corpser, call it a wild corpser if you will.

Unlike my dinosaurs I started with the head (plane extrusions):

On to the body:

Final result:

Clearly this is still not the end, I intend to sculpt this guy in mudbox.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

eye monster!

This is another project I did outside of school work during the break before the spring quarter started. I can't really explain why or how I came up with this guy, but I wanted to do something with a human hand. After a few sketches I came up with the design. I have just begun sculpting this guy in mudbox 2012.

I started with a plane and extruded all around the eye. I could have easily took a box and spherified it (spherify modifier in 3ds max), but that might not get the best results when it comes to deforming during animation.

Now for the hand:

The hand is then attached and merged to the rest of the body: