Monday, April 21, 2014

Mutated Cassowary

Model number (lost count) for school last quarter. I enjoyed this model, but it yet again exposed an area of improvement for me, LOW POLY GAME HAIR. The sculpting as usual began in Zbrush, with retopology in Topogun. Texturing was 40% polypainting in Zbrush and 60% Photoshop. I took a huge gamble with the beauty render, because I did something I never did before. The background was a combination of different images, using layer masking to blend then together. Something I've seen a lot of the pros do.

high poly:


A few of the several render passes from Zbrush:

Friday, April 18, 2014


Another character model I did for school last quarter. I always loved the executioner from the first 300 movie. This character revealed areas of improvements for me, including spec maps and overall presentation. This was also my first attempt at marmoset 2, I didn't do much with the first version. I'm no anatomy expert but I'm somewhat pleased with the anatomy of this guy. one of the reasons why i approached this guy was because he had lots of fat. Just about very industry pro emphasizes staying away from models with anatomy mirroring ecorche studies.

High poly shots:


Low poly

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

"Space eggs"

Yet another creature design. I initially wanted to go for parasites swimming in the bloodstream, but in the end I went with this approach. I felt their bodies remaining vertical as the moved made a lot more design sense as opposed to movements of say, sperm. The colors of the creatures were heavily inspired by this image of a flower I had on my hard drive. I wish I knew the name of the flower. these guys roam outer space, feeding on interstellar dust.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Machinist

The moment I saw the concept of this character, i knew i had to model it. I did this for school last quarter, but I had my eye on this guy for quite some time. I haven't really done any stylized characters, so I figured this would be a good test for me, AND IT WAS. The concept art was deceptively simple. I began the sculpting process from a sphere, using primitive objects in zbrush to block out the various parts of the model.

My biggest regret with this character is the topology, because of time(9 full body models in 10 weeks for school) I had to rely on Zremesher in Zbrush to generate topology. Normally I would do it manually with Topogun.

UV mapping was done with Zbrush(time constraints) and then rearranged in 3ds max. Most of the texturing was done in Photoshop. Finally, I used V-ray for the lighting, generated multiple render passes and composited them all in Photoshop. The 3ds max hair and fur modifier was used for the hair.

Final image:


Sculpting timelapse:

High poly:



Reference(By Luca Torsello):