Sunday, October 21, 2012

Aquajunk weapon models

So this quarter I'm taking the game prototyping class at school. We all had ideas and a hybrid of two of the ideas were picked. Aquajunk, is what the level ended up being called. We went with the basic level design of one student who's level was an aqueduct, and then the story of another student who's level was junk city. So with aqueduct I believe the story was poor people fighting against each other to determine who gets to move up in society to were the rich people live. My first task for this project was to model two of the weapons we needed for the level. A classmate came up with a pistol and assault rifle for the project.

The first weapon I came up with was a patched up sniper rifle. The GRIP? is an umbrella handle, the scope is the lens of a broken camera, and the STAND was made out of a crutch and a walking stick. Call it the snumbrella.

The gasooker. A propane powered rocket launcher. I figured propane tanks would be available to people living in junk city, and of course I like my explosions.

Both models were made in autodesk 3ds max, and textured using zbrush and photoshop.

Weapons added to UDK

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Titan (Zbrush sculpt)

I did this a few weeks ago to get in some human anatomy practice. This is not exactly idealistic proportions, as I modeled this with inspiration from the titans from my all time favorite video game franchise, god of war (Specifically God of war 3). I'm not exactly sure what kind of titan yet, but I'm considering making him a rocky terrain titan. Still a work in progress.

I started out with zspheres:
Then dynamesh:
Initial sculpt:

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Gears of war drone zbrush bust (WIP)

The gears of war series is my favorite video game franchise on the xbox, and as an aspiring video game artist/designer I would love to work for epic games someday. As I continue to study the human body (currently the head/skull) I figured I'd attempt a bust of one of the enemies in the game. I should have more updates soon.

I started out with zshperes:
Adaptive skin:
A few subdivisions:
Eyes and teeth:
Time lapse Video:

References used:

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Human skull zbrush sketch (WIP)

In my ongoing study of the human body I decided to try a human sculpt today. Thanks to the short break from school I had some time to do some personal work. After trying my hand on a nose and ear, i decided to tackle the skull. It was somewhat challenging, but overall I'm pleased with the way it turned out. However I do think he needs a visit to the dentist...

Some stills:
Sculpt time lapse:

Albertosaurus zbrush sculpt

I finally got around to sculpting and painting this guy in zbrush. He was modeled in 3ds max a while ago. Rather than come up with my own colors like I did for the velociraptor I decided to sample colors from one of the images of the dinosaur I found online. Overall I'm kinda pleased with the way it turned out, especially the painting.

Fixed the tongue: