Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ugly doll - Big toe

This was actually done today in class, unlike the hand and Squib models. The challenge was to do this in class only. The instructor wanted us to Google the term "ugly doll" and model whatever we liked best. I ended up modeling the ugly doll big toe from newburycomics.com

References used:

Human hand

The next organic model for our hard surface and organic modeling class. We were instructed to model a realistic hand. I must say this was the most challenging thing I have modeled to date. This was also my first ever attempt at a human hand. Overall I am happy with the way the model turned out.

Squib the handicapped octopus!

This was one of the first organic model assignments we had to do for our hard surface and organic modeling class. The instructor showed us a few new tricks and he wanted us to make "something with tentacles". Squib doesn't have much of a back story, except that he is a handicapped octopus born with eyes across each other, unlike the other octopuses around him. We were not required to come up with a story, but I did anyway. Perhaps I'll make the other octopuses, a little environment and a small animation short!