Saturday, May 25, 2013


This quarter I had a 3D studio class, and I am supposed to come up with 3 models. A biped, quadruped, and a hard surface model.

So the overall narrative behind this was to portray a battle between rival cyclops tribes. I wanted some kind of weird nephilim/alien connection, which is where those tattoos came from. I basically was scribbling on the cyclops until I came up with something I liked.

I initially started this project with Zspheres, but it went nowhere. I guess my artistic stars weren't lining up that day. As a result of this I decided to sculpt various parts of the model from individual spheres, thanks to dynamesh.

I used concept art from Warriors: Legends of Troy as reference for my proportions. I initially thought of using the cyclops from the God of war series, but I wanted more of a warrior type brute.

Hands and feet (modeled separately):
More sculpting:


Unwrapping(Took the easy way out and did this in Zbrush LOL)

Bone weapon(femur):

Cloth, which was unwrapped in 3dsmax

Sculpting layers:



Posing was done with the Zbrush transpose master, as I have no knowledge of rigging, yet.

Victim head:
For this unlucky cyclops I cloned the body and got rid of the unnecessary geometry.

Rendering was composed of BPR renders in zbrush and some photoshop compositing

Say cheese, or not