Friday, September 13, 2013


Well, the final project of the quarter(for one of my classes at least). The original design of this guy was much slimmer and was more of a sprinter who could run down his prey. The design was not very functional, so I decided to start over and ended up with this. I began sculpting the individual pieces of this guy, that seems to work out for me sometimes even more so that generating a mesh from Zspheres. Eventually I merge all the necessary pieces together before using dynamesh.

Retopology was fun to say the least. I believe this was my first asymmetrical model. I started out in topogun with the head, torso and up to around the elbows. I then applied symmetry and asymmetrically retopologized the human arm. The eel hand was a quick remesh in Zbrush. Finally, I merged both OBJs in 3dsmax before sending it back to Zbrush to reproject details and finish out the sculpt. To be honest I'm not sure why I went with another moray eel centric design, must have been the look one of the eels gave me at the aquarium, stuck with me.


Polypaint process:

That look...