Sunday, June 29, 2014

Stewie Griffin

Ahhh Stewie Griffin, my favorite character on Fox's hit show Family Guy. I sculpted my favorite character on bob's burgers Louise Belcher, and for family guy it's definitely Stewie Griffin. This is probably the most difficult subject I have ever sculpted.

One of the unique challenges from going from 2D to 3D is knowing what will work and what wont. I felt I would begin to lose the likeness if I tried to match Stewie from the side view as seen in the show. Funny how these cartoony character are more challenging that realistic characters(at least for me) I started with a high poly sculpt in Zbrush, did retopology in Topogun and then unwrapped in 3ds max.

Maps were baked in xNormal and Stewie was textured in photoshop, the easiest part of this project.

High poly marmoset render:

low poly render:

Timelapse sculpt:

low poly/UVs:
Stewie appears in a lot of costumes, so it was a no brainer to split the UVs this way. I might model a different Stewie in the future, like Stewie Cruise, Desiree, or Zach Sawyer.

texture maps:

references(I used a lot more than shown here):