Thursday, September 22, 2011

Alienware M17x

The goal of this project was mainly for product visualization purposes. Also the unique lighting challenge it provides, I'll be crossing that bridge when I get to it. Rendering will be done right after the modeling process.

I got some more work don on the keyboard area of the laptop:
Looks like I forgot the Ethernet jack lol.

Finally had the chance to continue work on this project. I've finished the bottom for the most part, and started work on the keyboard:

The holes have been made.
Now it's time to actually model what goes in them:

I added some out side geometry:
they will be used to create the various holes on the sides:

I did some work on the back, and the bottom.
Lots of extruding, and using the connect tool a lot to add supporting edges:

 I did some work on the front, making the insets. i also did some more shaping:

Then I duplicated the box, added edge loops and did some shaping.
I then added a symmetry modifier to create the other side:

First, I started out with a box: