Thursday, September 13, 2012

Programming for the artist portfolio

My individual game for the class, in which I had to develop a side scrolling shooter game. I modeled my own art using 3ds max and photoshop. If only the coding was half as easy as the modeling. I could be wrong but I believe there are a few bugs. Play the game here.

This project was supposed to be an educational guessing game, and boy did i take the easy way out. I started out with just one question, but to show the professor I was at least trying I decided to take it further. It's a bugfest. test you math skills here.

The goal of this game was to educate the player on any kind of disease. I chose somethign simple and had only one question in there. Programming is not a strenght of mine so again I took the easy way put. Guess what part of the human body glaucoma affects here.

This was the group game my partner and I made for the class, expanding on the side scrolling individual game we made earlier in the semester. This game is near flawless, many thanks in part to by partner Artem Ponomarev. Enjoy the game here. A more detailed blog post can be found here.