Friday, November 8, 2013

"Joey's Alien"

This project presented a unique challenge for me. This is the first of 6 models I have to complete this quarter (That's six in 10 weeks). I was doing this for a friend of mine at school +Joseph Frederick ( He provided me with the brief story of the alien and his game and I took it from there. I started with zspheres to quickly come up with a base mesh. You'll notice that the zphere mesh has no head. This is because i sculpted several different heads to show my friend Joey for approval.

 I modeled about 11 different heads, but it came down to two, and Joey wanted a hybrid between the 2.

Once the new hybrid head was approved (above middle) I went on to finish the sculpt.

I modeled a little scene for the character. Posing was done using the Zbrush transpose master:

You may have noticed his nut sack shrunk greatly, thank +Joseph Frederick  for that :P