Monday, December 9, 2013

The Phantom (Superhero)

My final model for the quarter, it's been a wild ride at school this go around. I decided to model the phantom for 2 reasons. I really like the hero(personality and abilities + purple suit). the second reason was because I wanted to see how much I have improved over the years, as I have modeled the phantom once before. (see here) I initially started out sculpting the initial parts of the body with spheres, but for some reason i couldn't get anything going so I started with a base mesh.

I found a base mesh I had modeled in 3dsmax before I had started using zbrush and decided to go with that. I was pressed for time, so I use zremesher for retopology except for the head which was done in Topogun(Time did not permit me to do 100% manual retopo). My biggest regret as parts of the mesh do not necessarily match up. I have since learned a better workflow I will implement for my next character.

I did quick unwraping in zbrush, but brought them into 3dsmax and made sure ALL the subtools used one UV space. Lots of goZ back and forth.

Once that was done I polypainted in zbrush:

Yay progress: